Ashton Cuckler New Investigator Award

Call for Nominations - 2017 Ashton Cuckler New Investigator Award

The award is given to a new investigator who has, within the last 2 years, been awarded a Masters or Doctoral degree in the area of Parasitology.

Nominations will close on January 25, 2017.


The award is given to a new investigator who has, within the last two years, been awarded a Masters or Doctoral degree in the area of Parasitology. Selection will be based upon the body of research accomplished during the candidate's graduate studies. This "body of research" will be documented through (a) peer-reviewed journal or book publications directly related to research conducted in pursuit of and contained in the accepted graduate student thesis or dissertation, (b) other peer-reviewed journal publications unrelated to the primary thesis or dissertation work, but derived from research conducted as a graduate student, (c) papers and/or posters presented at scientific meetings as a graduate student, (d) any outside recognition of research excellence which may include, but not be restricted to, best student paper awards, dissertation improvement grants, student-initiated research grant support and the like. The achievements under consideration for the New Investigator Award must have occurred during the immediate five years surrounding the awarding of the degree for which the candidate is nominated (e.g., five years before, four years before and one year after, or three years before and two years after).


The award will consist of travel and accommodation expenses, a cash award, and a plaque to be presented during the Annual Meeting of the Society. It does not include ASP meeting registration fees.


Nominations must be made within two years following awarding of the Masters or Doctoral degree, and the nominee must be a member of ASP at the time the award is made. Required documentation for award consideration should include: (a) Nominating letter by the student's graduate advisor critically evaluating the quality and significance of the student's research. Note: the advisor must be a member of ASP at the time of the nomination. (b) Two letters of support from noted authorities outside of the nominee's institution commenting on the significance of the body of research accomplishments. The advisor will submit the name of one evaluator and the second will be chosen by the Awards Committee. (c) The Nominee will provide the following documentation: i) letter providing a self-evaluation of research accomplishments; ii) thesis/dissertation abstract (two page limit); iii) curriculum vitae; and iv) scanned pdfs of all research publications (published or in press). * Please see the following.

* New information:

- Applicants should have a profile on Research Gate, ORCID, Google Scholar, ResearcherID, a university web site or some similar site---basically, a site that is "clickable" and easily searchable. Rather than the pdfs of published papers, the committee prefers the titles that the nominee wants to highlight that are available on their chosen web site. 

- All submissions must be scanned pdfs---no hard copies, so that the committee can conduct key word searches, etc.

- Applicants should highlight their track record of sustained contributions to the society’s Journal and its annual meetings.

Please submit nominations to:

Dr. Rebecca A. Cole
USGS, National Wildlife Health Center
6006 Schroeder
Madison, WI 53711-6223

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